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April 24, 2007 – Prafulla Pande spoke at the Non-Profit Management Conference at Walsh College in Troy, Michigan, organized by the Troy Chamber of Commerce. The topic was: “You are the CEO of your life: Develop the leader hidden in you!”


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  • Michigan Better Business Bureau
  • Society for Marketing Professional Services
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Non-Profit Management Conference, Walsh College
  • American Society for Engineers of Indian Origin Conference
  • Troy Chamber of Commerce
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Gujarat Chamber of Commerce

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Organizations Are Like Human Beings. They Are Born; They Live; They Grow; Some Get Stuck; Some Get Unstuck; Those That Stay Stuck Die. Every organization must understand the barriers that hold their business back. PAI offers workshop to explain why businesses get stuck and what they should do to get unstuck and keep moving toward prosperity. It is easier to prevent your organization from getting stuck than to try getting it unstuck once you are stuck.

Organizations are made up of people. They thrive when people view their jobs as responsibilities and take ownership of their actions. Creating an environment that raises morale, enthusiasm and energy level of employees is the key to success of any organization. People are motivated through positive reinforcement and communication - through motivational speaking.

"You Are The CEO Of Your Life: Develop The Leader Hidden In You" is a topic that Prafulla Pande frequently speaks on.

If we can define the purpose of our lives and develop a plan to achieve that purpose in manner similar to that used by the CEO of an organization, we would live a life of purpose. This talk injects concepts of business coaching to the lives of individuals by demonstrating that you are the CEO of your life.

This presentation helps you approach your life with the mindset of a good CEO. You will learn a simple methodology for making your life's business plan and executing it to get the results you may desire.

Also do you know that The World is Flat and getting flatter? Thomas Friedman in his book The World is Flat believes it to be true. As this happens, people must change. To keep pace with globalization of economy, people particularly in the advanced countries, must become leaders. This talk will also help you think about your lives, your jobs and yourselves in a flat world.


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