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June 26, 2007: Prafulla Pande Attended a Meeting at Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) With Indian Business Leaders . A meeting between Indian business leaders and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) was held to discuss how the Indian Business Community can help the State of Michigan increase interaction with businesses in India. MEDC President and CEO James Epolito thanked the participants for participating in the recent meetings with the MEDC to begin the planning for the State of Michigan's entry into the Indian market. Jim Epolito said that it is his goal to have a mission to India in the first or second quarter of 2008. He also said that a business case needs to be made for the Governor to agree to travel to India. Jim asked the group what are the three priorities for India which the group believes can happen within this time frame. He said while these are certainly not the end of the communication with those interested in assisting Michigan and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation with this task, it does give some solid next steps.

The MEDC was created in 1999 by an Interlocal Agreement executed by local economic development corporations created under Public Act 338 of 1974, State of Michigan. For more information on MEDC's initiatives and programs and a complete list of its Corporate and Interlocal Partners, visit