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One of the toughest challenges that CEOs face on a recurring basis is translating their strategy into execution and results. In fact, the inability of CEOs to successfully translate their strategy into execution and results is considered, by many, to be the major reason why CEOs fail.

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Mantra™ 115: What does courage mean to a leader? What is courage, why is it important and how I can develop more of it?

Listen to a radio interview with Tom Cox of [download MP3]

Mantra™ 114: You Are The CEO Of Your Life – Develop The Leader Hidden In You

Have you ever thought of yourself as a CEO? If your answer is no, think again. Yes everyone is a CEO.

Mantra™ 113: Timeless Concepts of Leadership & Management

Two great thought leaders, though separated by two millenia, teach the same time-tested principles.

Mantra™ 112: I Fell Out Of Rhythm

I hate to admit it but I fell out of RHYTHM.

For those who try to maintain some sense of rhythm, you know what I am talking about. For those who don’t, you will know what I mean by the time you finish reading this Mantra™.

Mantra™ 111: How Loyal Are Your Customers?

Whether you are a for‐profit business or a non‐profit organization, you have customers. You undoubtedly
try to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied with the value your organization provides them;
but, in spite of your best efforts, your customer retention is never 100%. You are always concerned that
your competitors will take your customers away. In an effort to prevent this from happening, you try to
understand their behavior using various tools that may be available to you but you still lose customers.

Mantra™ 110: Are You On Top Of Your Changing Market?

As a business executive you are doing everything you can to stay on the top of your business. You are concerned about everything – your customers, your products and services, your internal processes, your finances, your workforce, etc. But is that enough? Could you possibly be missing something very crucial?

Mantra™ 109: What Do You FEAR Most?

One of the biggest challenges most business executives face is overcoming fear. Every business owner or executive has been afraid of at one time or another. Some admit it, others hide it but everyone has experienced fear. What are you afraid of? What are some of your fears?

Mantra™ 108: Who Thinks YOU Walk On Water?

Does anyone think that you walk on water? What does “Walking on Water” mean anyway?

Mantra™ 107: Do You Know Where Your Business Is Going?

Businesses are like human beings. They are born, they live, they grow and then many get stuck and some die. Even giants like GM and Ford are stuck. One of the reasons businesses get stuck is that they lose their sense of purpose and direction.

Mantra™ 106: End of the Year is a Time to Reflect

New Year is a time to do two things. Reflect on what happened in the year that
just ended and plan for what should happen in year that just started.

Mantra™ 105: Do you have an outside advisor?

It’s lonely at the top. Of course it is. You know it. I know it. We all know it. This universal truth in the world of business isn’t going to change but with a good outside advisor on your side, your life at the top can be a lot less stressful, and a lot more profitable.

Mantra™ 104: How complete is your balance sheet?

What is your business' most important asset and is it accounted for on your balance sheet? Are you managing your most important asset?

Mantra™ 103: Is your business stuck?

Businesses are like human beings. They are born, they grow, they live, they get stuck and some eventually die. Great leaders understand these stages and look for signs indicating that the business maybe stuck and take bold actions so that their business continues to thrive.

Mantra™ 102: Will your team win the Olympics?

You want your business to keep moving forward and upward but do you have a team that will win medals in the Olympics? Anyone that follows sports will tell you that you need a good team to win. So what makes a good team?  Does talent alone make a good team? A few years ago the US Olympic basketball team made up of top players from the professional basketball teams performed very poorly. That team had plenty of talent. So what make a good team?

Mantra™ 101: Owners manual for your business

Your business is a complicated machine that has lots of moving parts but there is no Owner's Manual that tells you how to operate it.