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For Profit Businesses

“From my first meeting with Praf I knew his persona would be a perfect match with me and my core team.  I am the owner of an architectural company that for the past several years was performing cyclically with the economy.  Although Praf knew very little about running an architectural practice he knows business.  Many times over he was able to give our core team insight and creative ideas for improvement.  He helped us create and use measurable markers to plan for the future.  Without reservation I confidently recommend Praf Pande as a coach who will help a management team successfully accomplish the vision they’ve embraced.” - John Tagle, AIA, NCARB


- Hired Prafulla as a Coach for Tagle & Associates in 2007. Prafulla is currently serving as the company’s advisor



“Beckett & Raeder, Inc. began working with Pande Associates in March of 2008. A growing company, we were struggling with managing as a team.  Inconsistent meeting attendance, individual decision making and lack of departmental oversight was resulting in diminishing profitability and lack of clear direction for the company. Over the course of three months, our management team gained definition, and were on course for fluid decision making with buy in from all parties. Praf continues to help us through difficult decisions by helping us ask the right questions, monitor the right critical numbers, setting and focusing on priorities, and maintaining communication through meeting rhythm. We look forward to a successful 2009!” Deb Cooper, Beckett & Raeder, March 31, 2009


– Hired Prafulla as a Coach in 2008. Prafulla is currently serving as the company’s advisor & coach.



“As every good sport player requires a good coach, I believe that every business and business owner also requires a good coach. Praf came to assist FutureNet during its infancy stage and he helped us to stay on focus, on path and continued growing as per our potential or even more.  I truly appreciate Praf's only motive to see us being successful and been able to help us at every stage.” Perry Mehta, President & CEO FutureNet Group, Inc, March 27, 2009


 – Hired Prafulla as a Coach in 2006. Prafulla is currently serving as the company’s advisor & coach.



“It is always a pleasure having Prafulla consult on my intercultural seminars. His business knowledge and experience have truly benefitted my clients. He is always well-prepared and will to go the extra mile to accommodate our seminars. He consistently gets high reviews for his coaching techniques with our clients. I will continue collaborating with Prafulla on all projects pertinent to his business and cultural expertise.” Terri McGinnis, January 29, 2009


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


- Hired Prafulla as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Prafulla more than once.



“Not only has Prafulla helped me personally, I have recommended him to clients, for whom he has also done great work. He is great at helping clients see the big picture and identify long term goals, and also get to the nitty-girtty implementation.” Laurie Marshall, January 4, 2009


Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative


- Hired Prafulla as a Career Coach in 2008



“Prafulla understands the importance of alignment of a management team, without it there is no foundation of trust. Prafulla was able to thrust our team, through a series planning and work group sessions, into alignment. From there, our management team was able to focus on execution of our stated plans and goals. Prafulla is a great guy to work with and I would recommend him to anyone involved with strategic planning or in need of a business coach.” Michael Testa, Branch Manager, Smart Solutions Inc., December 15, 2008


- worked directly with Prafulla at PANDE Associates Inc.



“Praf well go out of his way and do whatever it takes to make you successful. He pays attention to the little things that make the difference, just as he continues building on the big things.” Faris Alami, CEO, Integration Systems Management, Inc., August 23, 2007


Educational Institutions

“Hi Prafulla, Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed working with you during the past year. I have worked with many people from around the globe and will recommend you to those seeking to reach out and achieve their dreams. I find you to be very capable in working with all of our staff at the school. You share knowledge freely and provide clear presentation of concepts. I have experienced many of the theories and ideas you present and believe you have a sound understanding of what it takes to get it done. I look forward to having more opportunities to work with you in the future.” Don Digna, Business Manager, Catholic Community of Manistee, April 8, 2009


- Hired Prafulla as a Coach for Manistee Catholic Central Schools in 2008. Prafulla is currently serving as the school’s advisor & coach



“We have been through many planning processes; this is by far the best!” - Superintendent GTACS (Top 50 High School/Acton Group)



“I have attended many corporate strategic planning sessions. By far this process is the best I have been involved with and what we do at these sessions helps me bring structure to my work at the parish.” - Don Digna, Parish Business Manager



“This is a remarkable process that is making the school, the parish and the diocese to work so well together and can become the best practice for planning involving the three key stakeholders” - Charles Taylor, Diocese Superintend of Schools



“All this work can be very overwhelming. Without an on-going process like this we would not be making the progress we are.”  - Jan Bigalke, Principal



“We know that our school will have a consistent vision, direction and process, despite personnel changes in future years.” – Von Kuk, School marketing Director

Non-Profit Organizations

“Praf came to our organization to help us see the big picture. He has been very successful in getting us to set aside preconceived ideas and notions n favor of more methodical and deliberate methods to reach a long term goal. To this end, a committee was formed to continue the teachings of Mr. Pande and our work is continually evolving and moving forward thanks to his guidance and coaching in the arena of Long Term Planning. Thank you Praf!” Dan Moss,   MI District Optimists, November 27, 2008


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


- hired Prafulla as a Business Consultant in 2006