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  • A clear vision
  • An aligned strategy
  • Consistent implementation
  • An effective coach
  • Great outcomes

According to Jim Collins, your business is like a giant flywheel. When the flywheel turns, it creates energy that is necessary to drive the organization. It is the job of all the employees of the organization to try to turn the flywheel. The flywheel will only turn consistently when there is good alignment of forces.


A resource for executives and business owners

BusinessMantra™ - A Monthly News Bulletin You Should Not Do Without! In today's day and age, there is no shortage of information. One can get information on anything at anytime. But how do you use the information?

Business executives neither have the time nor the desire to deal with the information overload. They are looking for sources that will give them relevant and useful information that they can put to use with ease. BusinessMantra™ is a monthly bulletin packed with proven and practical, yet simple information relating to topics on leadership development, strategy formulation and execution - Such as:

  • Understanding your organization's core ideology
  • How do you live by the core values of your organization?
  • Are you on the top of your game?
  • Does your executive team have a strategic mind set?
  • How aligned is your executive team?
  • Understanding barriers to growth and how they affect your business acceleration
  • Understand the root cause of business stagnancy - deal with it before it's too late
  • Do you know your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)?
  • How to increase accountability?
  • How to translate strategies into execution and obtain results?
  • Do you know your competitive advantage?
  • Is your team achieving results you want?
  • What are the predictors of future success of your organization?
  • Are you working on the most important things all the time?
  • Are you achieving sustained growth and profitability?
  • How can you improve the health of your organization?
  • How to conduct good and productive meetings?
  • Are you on top of the hassles your organization encounter?

Each BusinessMantra™ bulletin is written by an experienced coach and covers topics such as those listed above and more that are all relevant and important to the success of any organization.

Pay special attention to the section called FROM THE COACH'S TOOLBOX. This section provides tips you can put to use immediately.

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