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Core Values

  • Perform beyond expectations
  • Be timely and responsive
  • Maintain positive attitude
  • Listen sincerely
  • Build life-long relationships

Value Proposition

As your trusted advisor, I will change how you think about your business and help you put it on the road to long-term success.


Brand Promise

If your business has not changed in 12 months, next three months of coaching is free.


Prafulla Pande is a full time Technology Business Consultant with the Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC). He helps entrepreneurs with issues relating to launching their technology based businesses that create jobs for the State of Michigan. Prafulla is also a business coach because he loves it.

During his 30-year career as an executive, an entrepreneur and a small business owner, he became proficient in strategic planning, marketing, finance, general management and overall business development. He has traveled extensively around the world in various business capacities. These first-hand experiences sharpened his talents to become an effective business coach. In addition, his core values fully align with his passion to help businesses succeed. Prafulla studied at IIT Kanpur and University of Florida.

An engineer by education, Prafulla is a business professional by experience. His career began as a project manager in Florida in 1973. For 18 years, at various divisions of Thermo Electron, Prafulla had numerous assignments around the world. He later took this experience into the entrepreneurial arena and, for 10 years, engaged with startup companies. During this period, he purchased a company and built two from scratch. He has been coaching businesses for four years.

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