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Core Values

  • Perform beyond expectations
  • Be timely and responsive
  • Maintain positive attitude
  • Listen sincerely
  • Build life-long relationships

Value Proposition

As your trusted advisor, I will change how you think about your business and help you put it on the road to long-term success.


Brand Promise

If your business has not changed in 12 months, next three months of coaching is free.


The year was 1991, and I had just finished my career with Thermo. Having handled many challenging assignments within the US and around the world, I had amassed enviable business experience. I decided to put this experience to use by purchasing a small electronics company and proceeded to build a thriving business. Just like any entrepreneur, I too had a dream. In addition I had an invaluable large company experience. In the ten years that followed, I built a very successful business. I firmly believed that I was making all the right moves – no one could tell me how to do things any better. Then one day the world crashed on me. It was now 2001 and a combination of the deteriorating economy, terrorism in the form of 9/11, and a near fatal personal automobile accident dealt a devastating blow to my business. I was not prepared to deal with these adversities and suffered many unpleasant consequences. It was then that I realized I should have listened to the valuable advice offered by other people; I should have had an advisor by my side; I should have thought and acted more strategically, with the future in mind.

These experiences had a profound, life-changing effect on me. I launched into researching what I should have done differently. I read many books, including Good to Great by Jim Collins. The extensive reading helped further solidify my core values. I realized that my story was not unique. I also realized that people (particularly business owners and executives) can immensely benefit from having someone at their side who constantly reminds them of their commitments, keeps them focused, holds them accountable, helps them think and act strategically, and helps them achieve their goals. It was precisely these realizations that motivated me to become a coach.

This, however, was only the beginning. I had the experience, the knowledge, and the passion, but I needed proven tools. The CEO Advantage™ is a tool-set built on the great works of Collins, Lencioni and Harnish. I became a licensee of The CEO Advantage™ and trained myself in implementing these tools. I also became a public speaker on developmental and motivational topics. My favorite topic of all is “You Are The CEO Of Your Life: Develop The Leader Hidden In You.”

Several years after my catastrophic experience, I have arrived at a place where I am giving others the benefit of my voyage as a business leader and entrepreneur. Through a combination of The CEO Advantage™ and my business development experience, I have helped many clients build better companies. I am very passionate about what I do and find great satisfaction in helping organizations succeed. After 30+ years in business, I feel my story has only just begun.


“I am proud of the successes in my life. Each time I failed I got better because I have continued to learn. Life teaches us valuable lessons – what we do with them is up to us. Each day I wake up with renewed energy and excitement about what I do. I offer this drive to help build better organizations though my experiences and my core values that I uphold dearly.” - Prafulla Pande